we-we jewelry

funky handcrafted jewelry with vintage brooches, earrings, clips, beads, and chains

Hi! My we-we line is composed of eclectic/classic vintage baubles. I think its important to respect the historic vintage costume jewelry, but I've always enjoyed a little twist. Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, but occasionally, if I have the supplies, I will create 2 or 3 of the same custom jewelry piece. Vintage brooches, earrings, clips, and beads have always inspired me to create unique homes for them!

Happy hunting...................Wesley

Please note: When I find a home for a vintage brooch or dress/shoe clip, I keep the historic piece in tact and do not change the back by removing the pin back or clip back, because they are vintage pieces and I feel its important to respect their original design. The only vintage jewelry I alter are the clip earrings for the vintage earring necklaces. In order for the earrings to lay correctly I have to remove the clip on the back, but those can be easily replaced.

PS Each custom jewelry piece (except for the earrings) provides a home for a little pink baby.

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